4 Easy Ways You Can Use Arnica to Improve Your Wellbeing

4 Easy Ways You Can Use Arnica to Improve Your Wellbeing

A homeopathic remedy with anti-inflammatory properties, arnica is better known for what it does for bruising. But there are many other ways to use this herb.

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What is arnica?

Arnica, the mountain herb, is characterized by its widely recognizable yellow, daisy-like flowers. The herb has been used throughout history for its wide range of health benefits and applications. While it’s native to Europe, North America, and Asia, it has been cultivated around the world due to its versatility and many benefits.


Why is arnica so good?

It can help you treat a number of aches and pains. It's a great way to reduce swelling and speed up wound healing, or treat sore or injured muscles after exercise, especially in the case of bruising and sprains. It also relieves joint pain and inflammation.

The truth is that once you welcome the healing properties of this plant into your life, it’s hard to live without it. Although there are not many verified facts about arnica, studies show it can contribute to pain relief; restored energy, increased relaxation, and, overall holistic health. Some arnica users also claim that the herb has many other uses: from anti-aging to hair loss treatment, and protection from high fever to natural insect repellent!


Tips to use arnica

Whether you want to treat specific symptoms or you're simply curious about the many benefits it can bring to your life, here are some ways you can start using Arnica:

Arnica Candle

Arnica Candles

Wellness Candles are proven to help soothe us, which is why while getting a massage, most therapists light a candle in the room. After a workout, strenuous activity, or even while working from home, lighting up an arnica candle can help you release tension, feel relaxed and help your body rest and repair.

Arnica Topicals

Arnica topical creams and ointments offer relief from everyday pain in the spot you need it most. You can apply them directly to muscles, joints, or other sore spots.

Arnica Oils

Natural oils can be perfect for a sports massage as a muscle pain therapy and can help restore tired and sore muscles after a good workout.

Arnica Bath Salts

Soaking your muscles and joints in a bath with arnica bath salts can soothe them, and support your body's detoxification process. If you’re looking to restore your well-being, a long bath with these herb salts and an arnica candle might be just the perfect way to treat yourself!

Arnica has many benefits, but it's important to follow some guidelines when using it. Don't use arnica in its raw form. It can be unsafe if taken by mouth unless used in homeopathic dilutions. In some people, arnica can cause redness or irritation. If that happens, discontinue use.

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